School of Ships Battleships

School of Ships Battleships

Battleships (or known as B.B or BB) are large warships. Their main characteristics are the thick armor, massive guns and reduced speed, when compared to the other warships such as cruisers and destroyers.

Some advantages about battleships are that they equip powerful main battery guns, having a long range that can deal massive damage to other battleships, cruisers and carriers, and numerous secondary guns, able to severely damage smaller ships like destroyers as well as set fires to larger warships. From Tier VI onwards, many battleships have powerful self-defense AA guns, which provide protection against enemy aircraft. Battleships also have superiour armour, making them able to survive many shell hits (the large healthpool does come as an advantage). All this means that they can take a punishment before sinking.

However, battleships have their disadvantages. While their guns have immense damage per shell, they also have much longer reload times compared to other ships. The turrets also take a long time to turn, meaning that planning where your enemy is, so that you can turn your guns to face that area, is crucial. Battleships also have poor concealment and low mobility compared to cruisers and destroyers. This makes them quite vulnerable to torpedoes and focus fire from multiple ships, which battleships are not well suited to deal with, due to their lack of maneuverability.

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