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    Official QnA Part 1

    April 15, 2018 by Jasperchua99

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    Publish Date: SUNDAY, APRIL 15, 2018

    You have questions? We have answers! The questions were submitted by you across Facebook, VKontakte, Discord, and Reddit, and are answered by us, the World of Warships Blitz team.

    We plan to add a lot more ships in 2018! A lot of you have asked us about the German battleship line, and while we can’t say yet when it will be out exactly, you can certainly expect to see those ships (including the beloved Bismarck) later this year!

    Yes! The last update already included some tweaks to the economy, but we are aware that they were not enough. The next update, update 1.3, will include a flat percentage increase of …

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    Published date: March 2018

    What is the current progress on the torpedoes/shell issues?

    It is a known technical issues and we are currently still working on it.

    Will there be any dramatic changes towards the economy soon?

    There will be a change towards economy in the upcoming update, but even afterwards we will keep improving it.

    Some players are concerned that battleships are under-powered in some tiers. Will they be tuned in the future?

    The next update will include balance changes for several ships, including some changes that will help battleships.

    Will there be any improvements made to the matchmaking system?

    Matchmaking is currently being worked on, but it needs time. We want to make matches balanced, but also not have players wait a long tim…

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    Published date: January 2018

    Q1: Any updates Info's regarding about the OBB issues towards the OBB affected users? A1: There no Updated Info's regarding about this, but will most likely fix afterwards after the Global Release.

    Q2: How are we looking on for the Global Release? A2: Global Release is on lock and we are good to go to ship it out.

    Q3 : Prior to Global Release will there be any significant improvement towards the Economy issues? A3: We do have some career missions having more silvers to help out the lower tier.

    Q4: There concerns within the community of WoWSB following the footsteps of WoTB example: By certain limited events or Premium ships being sold out again and again when it a special one. What your thoughts on it? A4: Current…

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    Published date: December 2017

    Q1: Will we ever have an Strike/Travel button selections as current CV mechanism drop ordnances automatically when we click the selection point. A1: We tried this mechanism internally already and showing high tier CV can destroy DD easily.The code is there but need more implementation and test.

    Q2: Any chances of Grid systems on map to pinpoint enemy locations more easily? A2: Good suggestions, will discuss with HUD designer and fellow Developers.

    Q3 : There questions and doubts on the Germany language for cetains battle command text and harbour UI text images. A3: Will try to refer up

    Q4: Could we have a better Battle Commands for ingame? A4: Currently in designing and in future we will have a pre-set chat and p…

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    Published date: October 2017

    What up with out shells Trajectory right? Because we see our shells either go too high or either too low when our marker indicator is directly pointing at the target itself so therefore a good news for you all. Developers are prioritizing on a new Aiming system which will help to improve the shell trajectory soon.

    Why the premium cruiser Marblehead torpedo tunes specs information's is wrong when in game it say 4x2 however in the ship it shown as 2x3 mounted. Devs say this will be rectified in update 0.9.0.

    Third questions will be the Krigesmarines premium Battlecruiser CC/BC Schornhorst concerns, as from what we know there a smarty community player who try to make a miscommunication and confusion so the Devs alre…

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    Published date: September 2017

    Q1) There been much concerned about the recently economy issues after 0.7.0 update due to you guys state economy tune but it was a negative results instead of positive and results to lots of playerbase frustrations. Are you guys gonna change it or telling us to adapt it?

    A1) We are actively working to balance the economy by analysing data and feedback. You can expect some changes in upcoming patches.

    Q2) There lots of concerns about Battleships being OP in accrucracy as some state after the 0.7.0, Battleship Accrucracy is improved and cruisers are often get deleted easily. What your opinon on it?

    A2) It might feel like Battleships are OP but we are seeing a balanced damage and XP earnings by all classes (BB, DD,…

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