• Nishizumi

    • DD: Also known as Destroyers
    • Type: Gunboat Destroyer or Torpedo Destroyer
    • Nationality: USN, IJN and RN
    • Armaments: Main guns, Torpedo's and Triples AA guns.
    • DD: Destroyers Skills:
    • Smoke are for USN and RN Destroyers only.
    • Engine Acceleration are for both USN and IJN Destroyers only.

    Light Cruisers

    Heavy Cruisers

    • Pro's:
      • USN Destroyers Main Guns are fast in rate of fire and deal lots of damage easily it also serve as a Dual Purpose Gun. It also pack with lots of torpedo's and able to pack a punch when it near it's targets.
      • IJN Destroyers are only good at long range Torpedo's and also heavy damage. It also possess a high concealment where it good in stealth.
      • RN Destroyers are only good at the torpedo's only due to it's fast reload timing of the torpedo's …

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  • Jasperchua99

    Writing Blog posts

    October 7, 2017 by Jasperchua99

    Hi guys, as you all know, im trying to push player initiated guides to Blogposting in wikia, so this is how its done.Of course, ill be using as much reference to official wikia helpline, here

    Since u might be new to Wikia editing the most important is to prepare your contents, since writing blog post can be irrelevant if your contents are not well prepared for editing.

    Theres 2 things you need to take note when editing your work, Classic editor and Visual Editor. These will be your most important tools and ill suggest u to have a look at them before continuing.

    • To create a new blog post, go to the "Blog" tab on your user profile
    • Click the "Create Blog Post" button at the top of this tab. This will open an editing screen.
    • Create your blog post a…

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