General information

Dunkerque is unique from the other Tier VI battleships with her high top speed and entirely forward-facing armament. She plays extremely similar to North Carolina , Iowa , Nelson , or Izumo in that she is very durable when bow on, but has weak armor when broadside. Be careful to avoid close quarter brawl or static bow-on battle with other battleships early in the game as a well placed salvo can disable one or even both of her turrets.

Her guns have a high muzzle velocity with fast shell travel time, but dispersion can be annoying at times. She is good at killing cruisers, but will struggle against a well-angled battleship in much the same way as Scharnhorst does. However, she can outrun equal tier battleships, so smart captains maximize her speed to decline unfavorable engagements, support their teams in killing enemy cruisers, and punish battleships who make positional mistakes.

In Game Description

A high-speed battlecruiser designed to counter German heavy cruisers. The ship had good torpedo protection, carried numerous dual-purpose guns and had powerful horizontal armor. Her main turrets were placed in the fore end thus making any aft firing scenarios impossible. 

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