Basic information

Previously known as Clans, prior to Update 0.8.0. Fleets allows players to Create, join and bond with fellow players in the game.

Creating a fleet

To create a fleet, fleet name, tag, info and badge design and a upfront fee of 2000 gold (changed to 300000 credits since Update 0.9.1) is required to start a fleet

Recruitment type can be changes at any point in time if needed with the following options available

  • Auto-recruiting (Anyone can join)
  • Disabled (No-one can join)
  • Approval required (Join requests must be accepted by a Commander or Deputy Commander)



there is 2 managerial position available to Fleets with the ability to accept, kick and revoke applicants

  • Commander
  • Deputy Commander

the rests of the positions available to the rest of the members as followed:

  • Elite Member
    • Allowed to kick regular members
  • Regular Member

Message board

Implemented on Update 1.1.0, a message board allows a fleet member to post messages

  • Setting of messages to the top and deleting messages can only be done with the following roles:
    1. Commander
    2. Deputy Commanders

Fleet Management System

Implemented on Update 1.3.0,Fleet Management System allowed players to collect oil, level up your fleet, and rake in fleet-wide perks and rewards!

Fleet Management Features
Building Features
Port Increases the amount of Silver gained in battle.
Fleet Warehouse Increases the number of items in the Fleet shop and provides discounts for their purchase.
Operations Center Adds daily Fleet challenges.
Headquarters Increases the maximum number of Fleet members.
Design Bureau Increases the amount of XP gained in battle.
  • Unlocking and upgrading the Operations Center allows you to unlock Fleet challenges. These challenges can be completed in Random and Ranked Battles by all Fleet members. Fleet challenge rewards include Fleet Medallions, Silver, and more!
  • The Fleet shop & Fleet challenges refreshes every 24 hours.
  • If you leave your Fleet, you will lose all your Fleet Medallions. However, you will keep your Oil, you can see how much you have in your Warehouse.
Fleet Leveling System
Fleet Level Unlocks Requirement
1 Stock
2 Port I 500 Oil
3 Operation Center I 1,500 Oil
4 Headquarters I 3,000 Oil
5 Fleet Warehouse I 4,500 Oil
6 Design Bureau I 6,500 Oil
7 Port II 8,500 Oil
8 Fleet Warehouse II 11,000 Oil
9 Headquarters II 13,500 Oil
10 Operations Center II 16,500 Oil
11 Design Bureau II 19,500 Oil
12 Port III 23,000 Oil
13 Fleet Warehouse III 26,500 Oil
14 Headquarters III 30,500 Oil
15 Design Bureau III 34,500 Oil
16 under maintenance under maintenance
17 under maintenance under maintenance
18 under maintenance under maintenance
19 under maintenance under maintenance
20 under maintenance under maintenance
21 Fleet Warehouse IV 100,000 Oil
22 Design Bureau V 125,000 Oil
23 Headquarters V under maintenance
24 Port VI under maintenance
25 under maintenance under maintenance
  • Currently, the maximum Fleet level is 25. However, it will be increased in future updates.
  • By contributing Oil to your Fleet, you will receive Fleet Medallions, which can be exchanged for goods in the Fleet shop.
  • Collect Oil from daily missions and contribute it to your Fleet to help it reach the next level
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