Class classification

All ship class codes on the list are based on USN Hull Classification Codes

Terms Names
DD Destroyers
CL Light Cruisers
CA Heavy Cruisers
BB Battleships
BC / CC Battlecruisers
CVE Escort Aircraft Carriers
CVL Light Aircraft Carriers
CV Aircraft Carriers

Country classification

Terms Navy Country
USN United States Navy United States of America
IJN Imperial Japanese Navy Empire of Japan
KM Krigesmarine Germany
USSR Soviet Navy Soviet Union
HMS/RN Royal Navy United Kingdom
MN Marine Nationale French
RM Regia Marina Kingdom of Italy
ORP Polish Navy Poland

Shell Types

Shells Abbveriations
High Explosive HE
Armor Piercing AP
Semi Armor Piercing SAP

Unit conversion

Unit of measurement Name Alternative units
Mass kg kilograms 1 lbs = 0.4545 kg
Length m meter 1 in = 0.0254
Power W watt 1 hp = 745.7 W
Velocity m/s meter per second 1 km/h = 0.2778 m/s

1 kt = 0.5144 m/s

Traverse speed deg/sec degree per second
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