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General information

There are 5 types of in game currency available in the game


Silver is earned in battle or purchased with gold and is the primary in-game currency and are used on the following:

  • Repairing warships
  • Purchasing consumables and upgrades
  • Buying supplies, equipment, upgrades, and new ships



Free Experience

Free Experience

Free Experience (Free Exp) in WoWs Blitz can be used to research new ships in the tech tree and is not bound by nation or tier.

You can earn Free Exp in missions and from matches. Also, normal battle experience can be exchanged to Free Exp using gold.

Transfering experience from a ship to free experience

To transfer experience from a ship to free experience you have to meet the following requirements:

  • The ship has to be upgraded to Elite Ship status. You can do this in the armory using blueprints
  • All the research on that ship has to be completed. Sometimes this means more than one ship has to be researched.
  • You need to have gold to exchange Exp to Free Exp.

When you meet all these requirements, you should see the ship in the Convert Free Exp window.


  • Purchase Premium days, Premium Ships, convert experience, and purchase ship slots.

Ranked Coins

In Update 1.1.0, Ranked battles was introduced along with a new currency in game, Ranked Coins.

  • Retainable for the next season of Ranked battles
  • Usable only in Ranked shop


In Update 1.3.0,Oil is the default currency for fleet leveling operations

Fleet medallion

In Update 1.3.0,Fleet medallion is the default currency for Fleet Shop exchanges

  • To gain this medallion, donate fleet oil in the fleet to gain fleet medallions.

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