General Information

The Iowa class in regards, were among the best Battleships fielded by the USN during WW2. They were more Armored and Faster than any other Battleships fielded by other Nations and within the Traditional US Battleship Design. Only the Yamato of the IJN was considered more powerful but economically horrid due to her massive consumption on Fuel Ammo Steel and Man Power than the Iowa. Nonetheless the Iowa’s was still the last known US Battleships ever constructed and Commissioned by the USN (The Montana in regards, are considered the last as they were Ordered still by the Navy Board).

All 4 of the Iowa Class USS Iowa, Missouri,New Jersey and Wisconsin were commissioned during WW2 and they fought from Leyte Gulf to Persian gulf war until they all became Museum Ships.

Iowa without doubt is one of the fastest if not the fastest battleship in game. This allows players to reposition themselves quite easily, and also kite away if the need arises. It retains the same ABX loadout of the North Carolina, but the faster speed does mean that Iowa suffers from worse concealment and worse turning circle. Iowa retains the great AA of the NC as well.

In Game Information

Launched in 1942, Iowa served in both WWII and the Korean War. She was equipped with new 406mm L/50 main guns featuring advanced loaders. Her advanced propulsion system made her the fastest battleship in history.

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