Detailed information

Ship info Stock Elite
Displacement 5600t
Length 137m
Width 15m
Power 17400hp 17400hp
Ship hit point 12900 14061
Citadel Protection 7.50% 7.50%
Fire and Flooding resistant 10% 10%
Damage Reduction 6% 6%
Torpedo Damage Reduction 4.50% 4.50%
Max speed 22.78kts 22.78kts
Time to full speed 9.79sec 9.79sec
Max Traverse Speed 6.50deg/s 6.50deg/s
Turn Time 6sec 6sec
Main gun 165mm L/45 Mle 1893 8x1 165mm L/45 Mle 1893 8x1
Reload time 8sec 8sec
Range 8.22km 8.22km
Main battery HE Damage 400 436
Chance of setting fire 5% 5%
Main battery AP Damage 480 523
Citadel Damage Rate 150% 150%
Main battery SAP Damage Unknown No change
Turret Traverse Speed 9deg/s 9deg/s


Surface detection = 6.72 Surface detection(elite) = 6.72

Equipped skill

This ship is not equipped with any additional skills.



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