General Information

USS Langley is the first Carrier which u can play in USN line . She isn't like other Carriers and was a converted Ship from a collier, as in that era there was no advent in Naval Air Power and Battleships were Lord of the Oceans. As time progressed and technology continued to advent, Langley from time to time was upgraded and she was given the code CV-1 to recognize her as the first USN carrier. She would remain as the fleet's only carrier until a decade later in 1922 with the launch of the Lexington Class of aircraft carriers. During WW2 she was sunk as a result of an enemy air attack and was scuttled by USS Edsall Clemson Class Destroyer.

In Game Information

The first U.S. Navy aircraft carrier, Langley was converted from a collier. She had low speed and was used as an experimental ship for testing various technical innovations as well as for training navy pilots. The carrier was equipped with secondary armament to repel attacks from enemy destroyers.

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