General information

  USS Lexington is a strong Tier VIII aircraft carrier. However, she turns like a brick, and her huge size makes it possible to spot easily. She has a huge detection radius and is likely to be spotted eventually, but heads-up positioning and judicious use of her copious speed will help avoid being sunk too early in a game. Players are encouraged to use map awareness and proper positioning to keep yourself as close to battle as possible. Interestingly - perhaps in a nod to her battlecruiser origins - Lexington has a greater amount of armor than would be expected from a carrier, even retaining almost a proper armor belt on the port side (opposite the island). Captains should be advised, though, that may have the armor-piercing rounds have a greater chance of causing full penetration or citadels damage that would overpenetrate on softer targets.

In Game Description

When commissioned, Lexington was one of the largest aircraft carriers in existence. She was converted from an unfinished battlecruiser. The ship had good armor and advanced torpedo protection. Owing to her dimensions, the aircraft carrier was equipped with a very spacious hangar and was armed with numerous AA and dual-purpose artillery. The ship's powerful propulsion created very high speeds.

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