General Information

USS Midway, the peak of US WW2 Aircraft Carrier Design of any nation would boast of the their naval prowess. The Americans can be considered the Masters of Aircraft Carriers, having learned the lessons of WW2 American Aircraft Carrier Aviation. Midway was well known to be large and too big even to transit the Panama Canal. Her hull was based on the canceled Montana Class Battleships which gave her good armor and stability. She also sported the first US Carrier to have an armored flight deck to make sure she could survive any Kamikaze attack or bomb damage and she was the last of her flight deck type after Shinano

Midway, even though one of the largest aircraft carriers in the game, has better concealment than the Lexington. Use the lessons learned from Lexington to position yourself as close to the battle as possible, and make use of your excellent dive bombers and torpedo bombers to set up some damage over time effects and help your teammates out by forcing the enemy to use their repair. While having less fighters than Hakuryu, your fighters have much more HP, and can actively contest the sky. You have the largest aircraft hanger, allowing you to take losses much better than the aforementioned Hakuryu, allowing you to strike targets without worrying to much about aircraft losses.

In Game Information

The largest U.S. Navy warship laid down during World War II. The huge size of this aircraft carrier allowed her to carry the largest air group, compared to her contemporary counterparts. Excellent torpedo protection, well armored flight deck and powerful AA defenses made Midway-class ships virtually invulnerable to attacks from enemy aircraft.

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