Getting Started
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The main screen when a player opens the game client.



All in-game news can be found by clicking on the highlighted box, as shown in the image.


Global chat and Private chat are located on the left side of the main screen right above the filter button.

There are 4 types of chat:

World Chat with other players from around the world.
Private Your private messages.
General All messages received will be shown here, both from the Global and Private chat.
Fleet Chat Chat with your fleet members.

First victory

A timer is set 12:00~00:00 on all server timezones to give players a first victory bonus.

Port design

the background consist of the following design

Port Price Implemantation


Stock design Initial Release
Ocean Free Update 0.9.1
Navel Base Premium Account Update 0.9.1
New York
Update 0.9.1
Hawaii Any in-app purchase Update 1.1.0
St.Petersburg Own a tier V USSR DD Update 1.2.0
London Own a tier V UK CL Update 1.4.0
Marseilles Own a tier VI or higher French ship Update 1.11.0

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