General information

The USS South Carolina is the first battleship of the USN line and introduces the American battleship playstyle, which stays similar all the way through the Colorado. She is the only battleship at that tier that is capable of firing all primary turrets to either side making her in most cases a more formidable opponent than her Tier III counterpart, the IJN battleship Kawachi.

In Game Description

As the first battleship the South Carolina takes some getting used to. She is slow and not very maneuverable which takes some practice to learn positioning early on in the battle and how to avoid letting ships with torpedoes get in too close. The primary guns can deliver tremendous firepower, able to heavily damage enemy cruisers and destroyers in a single salvo, though require a longer than average reload time and also have a very slow turn rate making it recommended in most instances to turn the ship to get the guns on target quicker. Equipped with good armor, a trait common to most US battleships, she can close in and slug it out at point blank range where she can make use of the large amount of secondary guns and land full broadsides from her primary guns.

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