Supplies are consumables that can be bought and used for boosted stats. These can be used to increase things like hit points and ship speed. It is recommended to use supplies to maximise ship performance.

Supply Information

Name Buy Sell Description
High-Grade Coal 750 Silver 75 Silver Surface Detection: -3%
Improved Crew Rations 750 Silver 75 Silver Main Battery Reload Time: -3%

Secondary Battery Reload Time: -3%

Torpedo Tube Reload Time: -3%

Preventive Maintenance 750 Silver 75 Silver Warship Hit Points: +3%
Refined Diesel 750 Silver 75 Silver Ship Speed: +3%

Ship Traverse Speed: +5%

Extra AA Ammo 750 Silver 75 Silver Large Caliber AA Damage: +3%

Small Caliber AA Damage: +3%

Refined Aviation Fuel 750 Silver 75 Silver Dive Bomber Speed: +3%

Torpedo Bomber Speed: +3%

Fighter Speed: +3%

Supply Pack 750 Silver 75 Silver Dive Bomber HP: +3%

Torpedo Bomber HP: +3%

Fighter HP: 3%

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